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Air Purifier Deluxe
Air Purifier Deluxe

Air Purifier Deluxe

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The ultimate in room air purification, the HealthWay® DFX Deluxe Air Purifier fights allergies and provides asthma relief. Recommended by doctors, this product provides indoor air that is fresh, healthy, and free of the pollutants and chemicals.

This performance is the result of the HealthWay® patented Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) technology, with 9 stages of filtration. Originally developed for the U.S. Military, DFS technology is the gold standard when it comes to protecting families from airborne allergens, gases and volatile organic compounds. Ultrafine particles are another indoor air hazard which can reduce blood flow and lead to cardiovascular disease. DFS captures 99.99% of ultrafine particles at .007 microns - 40 times more efficient than HEPA.


HealthWay® 9-stage filtration:

Stage 1 - Poly Propylene Mesh: Large particle collector of dust, hair and lint
Stage 2 - Anti-Microbial: Inhibits bacterial growth in filter
Stage 3 - Zeolite Pellets: VOC/Gas Adsorbent
Stage 4 - Carbon Pellets: VOC/Gas Adsorbent
Stage 5 - Potassium Permanganate: VOC/Gas Oxidizer
Stage 6 - Anti-Microbial: Inhibits bacterial growth in filter
Stage 7 - Poly Propylene Mesh: Large Particle collector of dust, hair and lint
Stage 8 - DFS Germicidal Technology
Stage 9 - Disinfecting Filtration System (Main Filter)

Customer Benefits:

  • Professional-grade air purification
  • Proven to capture 99.9% of particulates
  • Multi-stage VOC absorption filter process
  • 360° intake to treat an entire large room for odors, viruses, mold and bacteria
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Easy-to-use electronic controls
  • Fraction of the cost of whole house purifiers
  • 36-month manufacturer warranty

Mitigator Benefits:

  • Add-on IAQ product sale
  • No installation required
  • Potential follow-up sales (filters)
  • No maintenance


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