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Bi-Arrest (Hospital Grade Disinfectant Germicide Concentrate)

Bi-Arrest (Hospital Grade Disinfectant Germicide Concentrate)



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BP200 KIT CONTAINS 1-16oz concentrate & 1 OSHA Labeled 160z Spay Container

Pseudomonacidal • Staphylocidal • VirucidalFungicidal • Tuberculocidal

Bi-Arrest  is an amazing EPA registered, 1 step Dual Phenol Hospital Level Surface disinfectant germicide used primarily in: Dental, Medical, Nursing Homes, and Healthcare settings, or may be used in any area where disinfection, decontamination, or cross contamination is of concern.

Bi-Arrest  inactivates HIV-1 (AIDS virus) after 1 minute of contact time at room temperature. Bi-Arrest  is effective against bacteria (including TB), and various animal viruses and fungi.

More Information:

Use on hard, nonporous surfaces such as floors, walls, metal surfaces, painted surfaces, exterior bowl surfaces, empty basins, showers, conductive flooring, lavatory fixtures. It is especially effective on counter areas, trays, operatory surfaces, all spatter-zones following a dental procedure, instrument housing units, cabinets, equipment housing units, exam rooms, etc. It is an effective one-step cleaner [proven effective by the AOAC Use-Dilution Method in 400 ppm hard water (calculated as CaCO3) in the presence of 5% organic bioload (Fetal Bovine Serum)] and disinfectant, packaged in a convenient 16-ounce concentrate bottle (makes 16-gallons of solution) with an easy-measure-pump dispenser for exact measurement into each users applicable and appropriate container. The solution is virtually clear and has a very light, fresh, fragrance (no overpowering fragrance to irritate nasal passages).

Proper disinfection requires “an abundant amount of solution” (surface should be “glistening” with solution) applied to the affected surface and must remain on that surface for the specified time. Much speculation has been made regarding the dispensing of disinfectant germicide solution from pre-packaged wipes/towellettes and their ability to wet the surface sufficiently. Bi-Arrest  is very versatile and allows an abundant amount of solution to be easily and properly dispensed (by non-aerosol spray-container, gallon container, buckets, or open trays for soaking).

1-quick-pump into our Bi-Arrest  Spray-Bottle (dispensing 4cc for each pump) yields a convenient total of 16-ounces when mixed with water. If your protocol calls for dispensing/pouring large amounts of the solution onto your surface (like large surgical area, laboratory areas, etc.), mixing in gallons is recommended for dispensing (1-ounce per gallon of water). A closed container may house mixed solution for over 3 months. If using a non-aerosol spray-container to dispense, no larger than a 16-ounce spray-container is usually recommended (due to user risk of carpel tunnel and related injuries from heavy repetitive strain, which the 32-ounce spray container may cause or aggravate). When mixed properly, your OSHA labeled Bi-Arrest  16-ounce spray-container filled with Bi-Arrest solution is now effective and ready for use. When Bi-Arrest  is mixed and actively used in an open tray or container, it will last all day (or until visibly soiled).



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