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Mediposture Black Knee-to-Knee Exam Cradle

Mediposture Black Knee-to-Knee Exam Cradle

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Pediatric dentists practicing well baby, first checkup Knee-to-Knee oral exams now have a safer way. MediPosture has designed a Knee-to-Knee Cradle that rests on the legs of both the dentist and the parent to position the child more securely in place during oral examinations. For added safety, the cradle can be secured to the parent via an adjustable strap. The Knee-to-Knee Cradle is constructed using sturdy foam that is covered with a medical-grade vinyl-coating for easy cleanings – offering safer exams. This revolutionary design features a 3” deep memory foam lined cradle with high sides and a special divot that helps tilt the child’s head gently backwards for easier examination.

INSTRUCTIONS: MediPosture recommends the dentist sit facing directly across from the parent in a knee-to-knee position. The cradle should be placed on top of the legs with a greater portion of the knee-to-knee cradle resting on the legs of the parent. The cradle should be secured using the strap under the legs of the parent. During examination, the parent should securely hold the child by a point near the waist. At no time should the parent ever not be holding the child. This cradle was designed to enhance safety, but requires that the child be held by the parent.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: The MediPosture Knee-to-Knee Cradle features a medical-grade vinyl coating that provides easy cleaning and infection control. You may use the same wipes or sprays cleaners that you are already using in your dental operatory.

Knee-to-Knee Exam Cradle: (External) 26”L x 18”W x 7”H (Internal) 22”L x 9”W x 3”H



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