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POWERZYME (Instrument Presoak, Holding Solution, and Ultrasonic Solution)

POWERZYME (Instrument Presoak, Holding Solution, and Ultrasonic Solution)



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1 Gallon bottle with easy measure pump

For Dentistry, using POWERZYME in the Ultrasonic gives an extra boost of cleaning through a chemical reaction as well as the ultrasonic wave action, leaving your instruments truly clean prior to sterilization.

Dental Instruments are especially prone to having their crevices harbor proteinacious materials due to the their instrument design and the nature of their procedures. POWERZYME is a fast-acting, specialized, enzymatic cleaning solution that is used to remove proteinaceous bioburden (such as blood, tissue, etc.) by way of chemical reaction (avoiding abrasive and/or corrosive action). POWERZYME uses high concentrations of Protease enzymes in a unique formulation that attacks the protein molecule at the molecular level (the Proteolysis process). It penetrates and breaks the peptide bonds that link the protein molecule’s individual compounds together. The protein molecule is then broken apart into its simpler compounds to be more easily detached and rinsed from instruments. POWERZYME’s liquid formulation allows it to access the instruments tiny lumens and crevices where bioburden may be harboring hazardous microbes.

More Information:

POWERZYME contains enzyme buffers and non-ionic detergents which create a low-sudsing, neutral pH, solution that is effective, yet safe, for instruments. The highly concentrated liquid POWERZYME solution is easy to dilute and doesn’t leave a sticky film or powdery residue like many other enzymatic cleaning products.

As the most effective and advanced enzymatic product available today, POWERZYME was originally formulated at the request of a highly-specialized Medical Instrument Manufacturer who’s very intricate and expensive instruments were found to be binding-up (mechanical mechanisms unable to function) after only a few uses, during Heart surgeries. Following a surgical procedure, these instruments had been scrubbed (as best as possible), sent through the sterilization process and stored awaiting their need. The manufacturer sent the problem instruments to us at Infection Control Technology to assess the problem, dismantle for possible corrosion issues, and to make recommendations to the manufacturer for repair or redesign. We found the inner lumens of these instruments to have a build-up of organic bioburden (tissue, blood, etc.). Their design prevented any manual or mechanical cleaning. Rod Larkin at Infection Control Technology put his knowledge and experience to work in Research & Development and developed an enzymatic cleaning formulation so effective, advanced, and stable (if unstable, the formulation looses its enzymatic capabilities), that we were told by an enzyme evaluator that “this is the most effective and stable enzymatic cleaner available and to lock the this amazing formulation in the safe!”.

POWERZYME is a concentrated solution and is available conveniently packaged for dentistry in: 1-gallon bottles with a convenient measuring-pump for accurate measuring.

All ultrasonic solutions should be changed daily or more often if processing large loads or is visibly soiled.



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