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Parafil Stain Refills
Parafil Stain Refills

Parafil Stain Refills

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Parafil Stain consists of 8 characteriation stain color material in syringes with an ultra-fine tip for the characteriation of direct and indirect composite restorations and for masking discoloured tooth structure. The ultra-fine tips allow the material to be applied directly without it having to be dispensed on a mixing pad. Parafil Stain can be used with Parafil LAB, Parafil and other light cure restorative materials manufactured by Prime Dental.

Masking of discoloured tooth structure

Simulation of discloured fissures, white spots, enamel cracks/hairline cracks and translucent enamel Characterization of translucent enamel, lab-fabricated composite inlays, temporary crowns and bridges.

8 x 1.6g syringes (beige, blue,brown, yellow, white, orange, gray, pink).



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