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T.E.C. Solution 2 (Concentrated “Enzymatic” Evacuation System Cleaning Solution to be used with The TEC System)

T.E.C. Solution 2 (Concentrated “Enzymatic” Evacuation System Cleaning Solution to be used with The TEC System)



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TEC Solution 2  1-gal bottle:

TEC Solution 2 is a specially formulated and calibrated &ldqup;enzymatic” cleaning solution to be used with the TEC System Device for the cleaning and maintenance of all Dental evacuation (suction) systems where you are suctioning significant amounts of bioburden (extractions, surgical procedures, etc.).

TEC Solution 2 is a highly effective enzymatic evacuation cleaning solution that will break down blood, mucous and other proteins that form hard deposits. It is designed to break down the molecular structure of protein soils (blood, mucous, tissue, etc.) and increase their water solubility. When used with the TEC System Automatic Atomizer Device, it gives your evacuation system the most technically-advanced cleaning available today.

More Information:

Debris buildup in lines promote bacterial and fungal growth causing awful odors (sometimes releasing these odors into the actual procedure area from an idle or unused unit) as well as causing your suction system to lose suction ability and efficiency. Continued use of TEC Solution 2 in conjunction with your TEC System Automatic Atomizer Device assists in providing a clean tubing/piping surface that inhibits accumulation of debris on internal surfaces of your evacuation system resulting in the elimination of those pungent odors as well as clearing blockage. This non-foaming solution (as foam may damage your system) provides a reduction of contaminants and organic debris in evacuation systems, keeping them running at peak performance.

How often should I clean each operatory evacuation station?

For ALL evacuation systems, you should aspirate prepared TEC Solution 2 suction system cleaning solution through each operatory’s suction line after each patient if suctioning significant amounts of bioburden (extraction, surgical procedures, etc.) TEC Solution 2 may also be used as a maintenance solution in each operatory at the end of each work week to give an extra &ldqup;enzymatic cleaning” to your system (for offices that are using TEC Solution 1 &ldqup;Daily in each operatory” during the week.)

Special Note for Service and Repair Personnel:

TEC Solution 2 is also used by equipment service professionals to unclog and flush evacuation systems during service maintenance and repair. In these circumstances, be sure to clean traps following each system flush, as large amounts of debris may be dislodged and the traps full.

Dilution rate: Dilution rate automatically calibrated by the TEC Automatic Atomizer



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