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The Simple One Amalgam Separator Chair Side & DCI Vacuum System Cleaner Eco Vac 1 Pint Bottle

The Simple One Amalgam Separator Chair Side & DCI Vacuum System Cleaner Eco Vac 1 Pint Bottle

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The Simple One® is the most cost effective & easy to use chair side amalgam separator! This amalgam separator will save money on competitors replacement filters & Maintenance throughout!

Corrugated Tubing not included, sold separately by the foot.

- ISO certified 11143 at 96.8%.
- Clinical testing at 99%.
- 9-12 month separator life, we ask that you change them at 1 year regardless.
- 100% self-contained separator.
- Chair side installation and hygienic replacement.
- Quick installation and easy to maintain.
- Reduces waste sludge in main vacuum lines and pipe build up which leads to reduced flow and costly repairs.
- Prolongs the life of your facilities vacuum system.

Note: To achieve longest life

  •  Use liquid, non-foaming cleaners
  • Do not install with 90° angles
  • Use 1/2 gallon of water or less when flushing lines

 Additional Resources

VIDEO: How to Install Your SimpleOne Chairside Amalgam Separator

Informational Brochure: The SimpleOne®

Full Instructions: DD2011 Chairside Amalgam Separator Instruction


Vacuum System Cleaner Eco Vac 1 Pint Bottle

(Recommened solution for the Simple One Amalgam Separator)

  • Continuous cleaning action
  • Environmentally safe
  • Contains no hazardous materials
  • Non-corrosive liquid; safe to handle & store
  • Easy to use, measured 1 pint dispenser holds 32 applications
  • Non-Toxic, non-pathogenic

Eco Vac cleans vacuum systems and eliminates odors associated with organic waste by biologically degrading the waste into natural elements. Cleans and deodorizes without foaming or use of harsh chemicals. Eco Vac utilizes safe non-pathogenic, non-opportunistic, Class 1 bacteria.

One half ounce of Eco Vac mixed with one quart of warm water, drawn through the vacuum lines daily in each operatory, establishes a continuous biological action.




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