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The Simple One Amalgam(x2) & Separator Mounting Bracket(x2) &Vacuum System Cleaner Eco Vac(x2) &Amalgam 5 Gallon Container Recycling Kit

The Simple One Amalgam(x2) & Separator Mounting Bracket(x2) &Vacuum System Cleaner Eco Vac(x2) &Amalgam 5 Gallon Container Recycling Kit

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The Simple One® is the most cost effective & easy to use chair side amalgam separator! This amalgam separator will save money on competitors replacement filters & Maintenance throughout!

- ISO certified 11143 at 96.8%.
- Clinical testing at 99%.
- 9-12 month separator life, we ask that you change them at 1 year regardless.
- 100% self-contained separator.
- Chair side installation and hygienic replacement.
- Quick installation and easy to maintain.
- Reduces waste sludge in main vacuum lines and pipe build up which leads to reduced flow and costly repairs.
- Prolongs the life of your facilities vacuum system.

Note: To achieve longest life

  •  Use liquid, non-foaming cleaners
  • Do not install with 90° angles
  • Use 1/2 gallon of water or less when flushing lines

 Additional Resources

VIDEO: How to Install Your SimpleOne Chairside Amalgam Separator

Informational Brochure: The SimpleOne®

Full Instructions: DD2011 Chairside Amalgam Separator Instruction

Separator Mounting Bracket

This sleek mounting bracket allows you to mount the DD2011 chairside amalgam separator. Its simple clamp system makes changing out the separator a breeze. It comes with two screws, washers, self-tapping mollies, and two velcro strips for easy mounting applications.



DCI Vacuum System Cleaner Eco Vac 1 Pint Bottle

  • Continuous cleaning action
  • Environmentally safe
  • Contains no hazardous materials
  • Non-corrosive liquid; safe to handle & store
  • Easy to use, measured 1 pint dispenser holds 32 applications
  • Non-Toxic, non-pathogenic

5 Gallon Waste Recycling Kit

The Recycling Kit is designed for the shipment of your amalgam waste. It includes a pre-paid shipping label all the necessary documentation for your entire recycling process. This will also house 6 Simple One Chair Side Amalgam Separators.

- UN tested and DOT approved 5 gallon kit.
- Designed for the shipment of 5 chair side amalgam separators.
- External dimensions: 11.97" x 10.44".
- Includes container, liner, instructions, generator certification form, prepaid return shipping, recycling and documentation.
- Lead foils accepted.








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