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Total-Evacuation-Cleaning (T.E.C. System)

Total-Evacuation-Cleaning (T.E.C. System)


T.E.C. System

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The T•E•C System (Total-Evacuation-Cleaning System) is the most REVOLUTIONARY TIME & MONEY SAVING piece of equipment to hit the dental market in years! Evacuation cleaning has been undeniably ignored in the Dental field causing millions of dollars in equipment damage, equipment replacement, costly down-time, as well as malpractice and lawsuit issues from posing a possible cross-contamination risk for patients.

The T•E•C System consists of the T•E•C System “Automatic Atomizing Device and the powerful cleaning TEC Solutions (#1 & #2). The device installs easily in your operatory on your dental unit, under your cabinet, or anywhere that is most convenient for operation. It hooks directly to your already-existing water system with a simple T-Fitting. With a flick-of-a-switch, this amazing little device combines the exact amount of the concentrated evacuation-cleaning-solution with water and air, and atomizes (dispersing droplets) the solution through your evacuation system leaving it clean and fresh. Keeping your evacuation-system, pump and motor in TIP-TOP condition.

More Information:

The T-E-C System was developed to give the best possible cleaning process (atomizing) while cutting immediate costs to dental offices with: labor savings (quicker to run, no clean-up or mess), and cleaning solution savings (no measuring or spilling and delivers the correct amount of solution every time).

The T-E-C System device used in conjunction with its specially formulated cleaning solution give the most technologically advanced surface contact for better and more efficient cleaning of the tubing and suction system’s interior parts. This results in the reduction of contaminated debris and potential clogging of your system.

TEC Solutions
TEC Solution-1 is a non-foaming solution that, when used daily, provides a reduction of contaminants and organic debris in evacuation systems. It combines a special formula of surfactants to “slicken” the interior surfaces of the suction system deterring future debris from sticking on those interior surfaces.

TEC Solution-1 contains special additives to assist in deterring microbial and odor escalation between trap cleanings. And, as always, TEC Solution-1 leaves your entire system clean and fresh smelling.

TEC Solution-2 was formulated for oral surgery and any procedure where proteinaceous materials such as blood and tissue are present. This highly effective enzymatic cleaning solution will break down blood, mucous and other proteins that form hard deposits. It is designed to break down the molecular structure of protein soils and increase their water solubility.

Note: The T-E-C System Device should only be used with ICT approved cleaning solutions (Solution-1 and Solution-2) as their formulations are calibrated for correct interface with the TEC Device.

How often should I clean each operatory evacuation station?

For ALL evacuation systems, you should aspirate (by atomization if possible) prepared suction system cleaning solution through each operatory’s suction line (daily) after the last patient of the day, or after each patient if suctioning significant amounts of bioburden (extraction, surgical procedures, etc.).

Why is it important to clean my suction system so often?

1) An indepth report stated “there exists the possibility that material from the mouth of a previous patient may remain in the vacuum line of the saliva ejector and be aspirated into the mouth of the next patient being treated. Data also suggests the possible existence of an infection risk during backflow from potential pathogens shed from the biofilm in the tubing in low-volume suction lines.”

2) Correct cleaning of the evacuation system is extremely important in keeping your evacuation system running at peak performance.

Slow or clogged systems cost Dental Professionals millions in down time.



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