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VacuCleanse (Dental Vacuum Line Cleaner Liguid 1 Gallon Concentrated Daily Use) SKU: VC128apx

VacuCleanse (Dental Vacuum Line Cleaner Liguid 1 Gallon Concentrated Daily Use) SKU: VC128apx



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Concentrated “Daily” Evacuation System Cleaning Solution

VacuCleanse is the most effective evacuation cleaning solution on the market today! VacuCleanse uses advanced technology surfactants specially blended to keep your system at peak performance. This non-foaming solution (as foam may damage your system) provides a reduction of contaminants and organic debris in evacuation systems. VacuCleanse reduces calcium buildup on pumps and provides a clean surface that inhibits accumulation of debris on internal surfaces of your evacuation system. Tired of that awful, smelly trap? VacuCleanse contains special additives to assist in deterring odor escalation between trap cleaning. And, as always, VacuCleanse leaves your entire system clean and fresh smelling.

An independent Government report tested 25 line cleaners for their ability to remove contaminates that may affect your evacuation system. VacuCleanse had superior cleaning ability, allowing little or no accumulation of debris in all three test procedures. Most of the products in the study did not achieve this same high level of cleaning, and some of the top selling products demonstrated only “satisfactory” cleaning ability, or even worse: “marginal” cleaning ability. VacuCleanse comes with an easy-measure pump to dispense the economical concentrated liquid into your bucket or basin. It is also compatible with all atomizers.

How often should I clean each operatory evacuation station?

For ALL evacuation systems, you should aspirate prepared VacuCleanse suction system cleaning solution through each operatory’s suction line (daily) after the last patient of the day, or after each patient if suctioning significant amounts of bioburden (extraction, surgical procedures, etc.)

Why is it important to clean my suction system so often?

1) An in depth report stated …there exists the possibility that material from the mouth of a previous patient may remain in the vacuum line of the saliva ejector and be aspirated into the mouth of the next patient being treated. Data also suggests the possible existence of a risk from back flow of bioburden and debris present in the tubing in low-volume suction lines.

2) Correct cleaning of the evacuation system is extremely important in keeping your evacuation system running at peak performance. Slow or clogged systems cost Dental Professionals millions in down time.

Dilute: 1-oz concentrate to 32-oz water.

Dilution rate: 1:32



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